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Evidence Based Medical Mindfulness™

The Stress-Disease Link

Stress is linked to 70-90% of primary care visits and is a key driver in six leading causes of death


Employees realize higher morale and productivity when their stress is better managed.

Stress impairs self-regulation, learning, memory, focus, and decisions


Stress management has been associated with over 40% reduction in health costs.

Our Solution: Evidence Based Medical Mindfulness

Stress Resilience Training

We refined our secular mindfulness technique over 40 years with thousands of users. The pogram is now available for the first time online. 


Clinically Validated

Sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University, a clinical study was completed assessing our program’s effectiveness. Publication early 2017.

Ongoing Research Support

Our tested research platform enables you to publish your own studies on mindfulness interventions and to improve quality of preventative care.

From App to Full Program

We offer several service levels, from simply delivering content on demand to managing enrollment, adherence and reporting for your patients.

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