Effortless Knowledge Base Screenshot Management

Because life's too short to update knowledge base screenshots one by one every time the app changes

Streamline Your Screenshots: One Upload, Universal Updates, Absolute Simplicity

Power of Versatility

Single Screenshot, Many Variations

Effortlessly create and maintain diverse screenshot variations from a single source, ensuring your content remains current.

Automated publishing

Instant Knowledge Base Publishing

Your screenshots seamlessly update across your entire knowledge base, supporting all platforms, so you don't have to edit individual articles or upload anything.

Smooth updates

App's UI Changed?
No Sweat at All!

When your app's interface gets a facelift, updating your knowledge base is a breeze. A new capture, a few tweaks, and you're set to showcase the latest changes.


Consistent Output from Anyone on the Team

Guide your team with customizable annotation presets to guarantee consistent, high-quality visual documentation every time.

Browse & Edit

Direct Editing with a Single Click

Easily locate and access your ScreenDust-created screenshots while browsing your knowledge base. With our browser extension, a simple click on the image takes you directly to ScreenDust Studio, allowing effortless editing and publishing.

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